About Us

Relax Coop is located in the Balkan Mountains in the center of the resort Voneshta water. Located 30 km south of Veliko Tarnovo on the road to Stara Zagora. Hotel "Relax COOP" has 138 beds in modern furnished rooms - 6 apartments and 69 double rooms with mountain views. The complex offers a variety of initiatives for leisure. It has a restaurant, lobby bar, snack bar, spa, fitness center, gift shop, parking.

The pine forest, the beautiful natural areas, the intriguing historic sites provide an opportunity to experience remarkable moments among nature.


Voneshta Voda village is named after springing mineral water which is highly mineralized and specific taste and smell. Water is suitable for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal, joint and vascular diseases. Voneshta water village is located 28 km south of Veliko Tarnovo and 20 km east from Tryavna on the northern slopes of the Central Stara Planina, right at the beginning of Hainboaz.


The climate of the village Voneshta voda is characterized by warm, but not hot summers and relatively mild winters. The air is clean and fresh. In winter and early spring  the south wind is often seen. During Summer time, especially at night, along the rivers and Belica Raykovska BBs mountain valley winds that are a little like speed and create cool breeze. The average annual temperature is 10 degrees.



• Kilifarevo and Dryanovo monastery
• Tsarevets
• Arbanasi
• Tryavna
• Bojentsi
• Ethnographic museum "museum" and others.